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Write Fame tells true stories about famous authors and famous poets. After all, the people who write the books we love are as fascinating as the books themselves.

For example, do you know why it took 16 years before Jane Austen published Pride and Prejudice? Can you guess which famous writer Henry David Thoreau taught as a child?

These are the stories we tell here at Writer Fame, where we help you learn more about famous authors and famous poets. Each story is well researched and professionally written and comes with a list of linked sources used in compiling the piece.

Writers find inspiration and encouragement through Writer Fame’s stories. And readers love Writer Fame for helping bring alive their favorite writers and poets.

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Famous authors Octavia Butler, Elizabeth Strout, J.D. Salinger, Toni Morrison, and Ray Bradbury

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About Writer Fame

Writer Nicholas E. Barron publishes writer Fame.

Nick writes most of the stories you see on this website, but some articles come from other contributors. Each piece includes a byline so you can know who authored that article.

Every article on this website is researched using reputable sources, from mainstream media outlets to academic publications. Stories are fact-checked. As new information often comes out about notable writers, we update the stories available on Writer Fame.

Nick started Writer Fame as another project called Bidwell Hollow in Jan. 2018. Initially a blog, then a newsletter, Bidwell Hollow published true stories about famous writers on authors’ and poets’ birthdays. Those early efforts resulted in this website.

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